2019 Gen-Eval Project Enrollment

The Genetic Evaluation project is now open to all interested DSANA members in the US.  Steps for participation are detailed in the blue box to the right, and include:

  1. Farm enrollment.  The Farm Enrollment form is a downloadable Excel file, and should be filled out and emailed directly to Laurel Kieffer: kieftl@tcc.coop.  Farm enrollment is US$300 per year which includes the GenOvis analysis and some of the DSANA program support.  There are three Tiers of participation; each farm determines its own level of participation.  
  2. Farm registration and payment.  Farm registration and payment of $300 to DSANA via PayPal for project enrollment.
  3. Animal enrollments.  Animal enrollments for all ewes, rams, and lambs.
  4. Data collection.  Production data collected a minimum of five (5) times throughout the milking season.  There are currently two levels of participation:
          • Tier 1:  includes animal enrollments with only milk production (volume or weight) data submitted.
          • Tier 2:  includes animal enrollments with milk production and component data submitted

Interpreting the Results

GenOvis runs weekly updates on the production data they receive.  The information can be complicated to interpret and understand.  At the 2018 Dairy Sheep Symposium, Dr Ron Lewis, University of Nebraska, presented wonderful information on using Estimated Breeding Values.  This presentation is a great introduction to EBVs, as well as a refresher for those somewhat familiar with EBVs (or EPDs); click here for links to the paper and the accompanying slides.

Enrollment Forms for the DSANA Genetic Evaluation Project:

DSANA-Gen-Eval Enrollment Forms Feb 2019.xlsx

Farm registration and payment for Genetic-Evaluation Project: CLICK TO PAY NOW

Tier Standards for the DSANA Genetic Evaluation Project:

DSANA Gen-Eval Tier Standards.pdf

2019 Genetics Evaluation Project Steps

1. Complete the farm enrollment form and pay the $300 registration to DSANA

2. Email a signed, scanned copy of your farm enrollment form to Laurel Kieffer at kcf.laurel@tcc.coop

3. Laurel will send you animal enrollment forms and instructions. Laurel is available to coach you through the process.

4. Complete the animal enrollment forms and return to Laurel. Let Laurel know when you plan to start milk production testing and at what level you are participating.

5. Laurel will review and manage any edits.

6. Once the animal enrollment forms are completed, Laurel will forward to your flock's data to GenOvis to get animals into their database.

7. Laurel will forward you the milk-testing data entry forms and instructions, and be available to coach you. Milk test data is to be sent back to Laurel for review. Laurel will forward information to GenOvis.

8. GenOvis will calculate results within 1-2 weeks after receipt and email back to the farm.

Genetics Improvement Committee members welcome your comments and suggestions:  Tom Clark (NY) – chair; Axel Meister (ON), Bee Tolman (NY).  Laurel Kieffer, project manager (kcf.laurel@tcc.coop).


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