Genetic Improvement

DSANA is pleased to be the driving force behind making a North American Dairy Sheep Genetics Improvement Project a reality.  Two separate but integrated projects are being implemented to improve the viability and sustainability of the sheep dairy industry in the United States.  

  • The importation of dairy sheep semen from Europe into the US.  For more information, please contact Tom Clark, chair of DSANA’s Semen Importation committee:, or click on the semen importation button below.
  • The development of a US dairy sheep genetic improvement protocol for estimating individualized breeding values.  For more information, please contact Laurel Kieffer, Genetics Improvement Project Manager,, or click on the Genetic Evaluation Project button below.

Genetics Improvement Committee members welcome your comments and suggestions:  Tom Clark (NY) – chair; Axel Meister (ON), Bill Halligan (HE), Liam Callahan (CA), Mariana Marques De Almeida (WI), Bee Tolman (NY), and Tommy Lavoie (QC).  Laurel Kieffer, project manager (


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