About Us

The Dairy Sheep Association of North America (DSANA) is made up of dairy sheep producers, cheesemakers, and industry supporters, including suppliers, educators, and researchers.  Our mission includes the following goals.

• DSANA will promote effective dairy sheep management by educating, supporting and encouraging new and established sheep milk dairies, farmsteads, and artisanal sheep milk cheesemakers.

• DSANA will promote cooperation and exchange of information among producers of sheep milk and cheesemakers.

• DSANA will also promote the products manufactured from sheep milk.

• DSANA will help producers organize activities for the genetic improvement of dairy sheep.

• DSANA will endeavor to inform and educate the public as to the merits and availability of sheep dairy products.

• DSANA will strive to help foster international understanding and the free exchange of ideas between North American based producers and producers abroad.

The leadership of DSANA includes nine elected board members serving two- and four-year terms.  The board of directors is responsible for organization of the annual Great Lakes Dairy Sheep Symposium and, along with the journal editor, publication of three Journal of the Dairy Sheep Association of North America (J-DSANA) per year.  The board of directors is elected at the general annual meeting, which is held during the Great Lakes Dairy Sheep Symposium. Click here for board members. 


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