The 2018 Symposium is in Kansas City!

The 2018 Dairy Sheep Symposium will be held Nov 8-11 in Kansas City, MO, with two days of presentations focusing on dairy sheep nutrition, reproduction, and economics, followed by a day of farm tours, and an optional one-day cheesemaking workshop.

Sourcing sheeps-milk products

Our members in Canada and the US produce milk, cheese, yogurt, and even ice cream! Click here for a list of our members’ products and where you can find them.

Genetic improvement projects

DSANA has two primary genetic-improvement projects going: importation of Lacaune semen from France, and creating a milk-recording and genetic-selection program for US and Canadian producers.


DSANA has been helping North American dairy sheep producers for two decades, by organizing symposia, supporting research, and facilitating the genetic improvement of dairy sheep in North America. Join us!

Please be sure to visit our Symposium sponsors!

Their support makes DSANA possible.

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